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Anytime I drink coffee my blood boils as I wave my arms in an attempt to create Ki balls out of thin air

Hoover hotbox, no progression then I go hop

I been deadlocked on some passion that I must stop

u ever just type ya steam password into a twitch stream on the other monitor

only reason i want a car is so i can drive fast af listening to this lol

@DMX have you ever listened to Sybyr? or anyone in AntiWorld?

"A Sunflower Rots in Fall" is the finished version of the beat tape that I started back in November and it's out NOW on the following platforms:


art by @emotionull

to Welcome @kizzeret as our new mod on the server please send him the worst image in your folder :EXPSHIFT:

EXPSHIFT.Com is the best Instance ever made debate with ya auntie

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