@DMX have you ever listened to Sybyr? or anyone in AntiWorld?

@DMX you might enjoy some of their shit, its very DIY kinda the good shit left over from the Scream rap era as a lot of it is very experimental and punk influenced. Sybyr (FKA Syringe) is the frontman and has been making hella music. dude dropped 4-5 albums this year they are all quality af

@DMX you might have heard this, its the meme song that everybody knows but it only shows a fraction of the skills this man has, very underrated artist

@DMX this is one of my favs of his, i love how all his videos are just in his room or around his block. kinda shows how ppl who bitch about not having time to make music got no excuse cuz if u were really serious about music youd just do it yaknow?

@DMX this is one of his louder songs. he used to have beef with XXX so you can decide who was really making the harder music at the time lol

@EXP_SHIFT those other two were nice, but I'm really fuckin with this one

@DMX i love how the beat goes double time at the end, adds to the very eerie energy the song has. this dude has so many styles its crazy hes really influenced a lot of ppl, even if they dont wana admit it.

@EXP_SHIFT I been sleepin on this newer side of hip hop. time to wake tf up SHEESH

@DMX yeah man these kids are making great shit, if anything AntiWorld and Crowlife are the 2 "collectives" that are making the best music rn id highly suggest getting hip to their shit. Zotiyac is one artist from Crowlife who i really enjoy

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