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i left my family so i can Speedrun ratchet and clank full time someone please feed my children

this artist makes amazing art of kaiju, power rangers zords, pokemon, goblins, just about everything in the style of mayan gods. its amazing

Brawlhalla is fun af i never use weapons and win every game lol

Damn playboi carti joined my mastodon instance hell yeah

someone stop me from adding a Hobo Johnson emoji to this server

DM @DripLordSoul if you are trying to add a Custom Emoji to the website! just send a transparent image! :Thugger: :Mudkip:

they always put like 2 chips in the bag what the fuck

Experience Shift

A place for creatives to share their work, perfect for those who make art, music, or just want to chat! Fuck Tumblr and Twitter! Join the good side!