Ok clarification: the flagbot wasn't fooled for long but it still hasn't flagged any of my reblogs OF the posts with tits

Tumblr's flagbot can be beaten with the lightest of photoshop filters

Tumblr's current banhammer is weirdly inconsistent but they seem to be flagging anything that has a woman in the picture...as well as the staff's own text post explaining the situation.


So Tumblr just flagged a picture of a woman wearing a full robe as NSFW.

I tried to fight Moebius but the battle was one-sided

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This is the face of transy respect + protecc

You're only allowed to boost this if you think trans men are men, trans women are women, and enbies are valid as heck

Stir your hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane

hey remember when snow actually stayed on the ground all winter

Hey remember when TV shows were sold in VHS tapes that had only one or two episodes per tape

Hey remember when videogames were self-contained and when you put the game in the console you actually got what you paid for only you had to buy the game manual in order to figure out what the hell was going on

hey remember when crappy website design involved displays that said "loading...loading...loading..."

Hey remember when people talked about "Multimedia"

Being on Mastodon compared to Tumblr feels like going from a big crazy city to a village where nobody has visited the nearby village for the last 20 years

I have an idea. See, if hunters are angry that wolves are being reintroduced tot he woods that were cleared of wolves to make hunting easier...and there are too many deer in Suburbia...we should reintroduce wolves to suburbia.

Was Sappho a top or a bottom? Neither! She was a verse. HAR HAR HAR

New Rule: if a prosecutor wants someone to be executed, they have to fight them to the death with swords

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