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Hoover hotbox, no progression then I go hop

I been deadlocked on some passion that I must stop

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Maybe one day I can fully ascend as a person and not worry about nothing anymore. (Grammar isn’t wrong there I meant anxious about literally nothing)

I’m gonna try my best to keep being as free as I can in my limited situation (where I live and being a human with flaws) and continue to grow

I think I achieve it pretty well sonically but it’s not enough Yet. I want to make people feel how someone like aphex twin makes me feel.

I should attempt to say something profound in my music but anything I’d do lyrically could be construed as corny as fuck very easily

My stomach fuckin hurts and it needs to cease so I can return to feeling shitty about

3 mana
2 attack, 3 health
BATTLECRY: cry for 1 turn
Leech, divine shield


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